1873 Return of Owners of Land

This lists all those who owned one or more acres of land, together with extent, address of owner and value. It is listed alphabetically i.e. not by place. It can be consulted for Yorkshire in York Reference Library and in full at the Society of Genealogists and the National Archives. See transcription here.


Much property from the Victorian era and earlier survives in Malton. Large 'villas' were built by The Fitzwilliam Estate for
The Mount no 6 for sale MM 4 March 1922
the 'well-to-do' in The Mount. No 6 was advertised for sale by auction as 'Villa Residence' in the Malton messenger dated 4th March 1922. 21 The Mount was completed in 1864. See the 1952 sale catalogue describing this property by clicking here.

North Riding Register of Deeds

If you are interested in a particular property or transactions of an individual they can be researched through the North Riding Register of Deeds at the North Riding County Record office. These cover the period 1736 to 1970. You might find annexed plans, mentions of parties to the transaction and possibly price paid.

The Hearth Tax

This was in force 1662-1688 and was devised to increase the treasury coffers by imposing a tax on householders whose house was worth more than 20s a year, and who was a local ratepayer of church and poor rates. Some of the returns survive at The National Archives ref E179/216/462. The list for Michaelmas 1673 covering Malton has been transcribed and published by The Ripon Historical Society ISBN 1 872618 07 3. It is useful for seeing where the wealth was in the area and searching for specific family names.

The Window Tax

This replaced the Hearth Tax in 1696 and became punitive in the late 18th Century leading to bricking and boarding up.

Finance Act 1910

This introduced the idea of taxing capital appreciation or real property. This began with the Board of Inland Revenue conducting an exercise to ascertain the site value of all land in the United Kingdom as on 30th April 1909. This became the baseline for the tax, the value at the time of any subsequent sale or transfer of the property being used to establish the incremental increase upon which tax was to be paid. The original value of all property in Malton can be seen on microfilm at the North Riding County Record Office.

Street Map

Map 1
This is a mid 20th Century town plan showing all the main streets.

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