View at Malton

Possibly one of the earliest known pictures, an 18th Century view of Malton from the river engraved by Samuel Middiman.

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The 1867 Floods

The Illustrated London News dated 9th February 1867 carried an article 'The Great Floods in Yorkshire' accompanied by this engraving 'the view at Malton'

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Historic Maps

The Ordnance Survey is a Government department founded in 1791. Mapping commenced in the south-east of England to support military purposes - at that time the threat of French invasion. An exercise to map the whole of England was started in the 19th century and maps of 6 inches to a mile and 25 inches to a mile were produced. The country was divided into a grid with sheet numbers corresponding to the 6" to 1 mile scale maps. Each 6" to 1 mile scale map was then divided into sixteen maps at a scale of 25" to 1 mile. New Malton can be found on sheet 124 of the larger scale map series. The centre of the town can be found on sheet 124.6. The latter map shows individual plots/properties and is available for 1890, 1910 and 1927 - these are approximate years and not necessarily the year of the survey. These maps have been digitised by the East Riding of Yorkshire Archive Service and can be viewed here. This latter edition can also be purchased from Alan Godfrey Maps at a modest price.

The North Yorkshire County Record Office has a small collection of maps, as shown in their catalogue:
1770 Plan of Malton 43” x 20” scale 12 chains: 1” ref: ZPB M 1/1
1801 Plan of Borough of Malton 38" x 31" scale 8 chains : 1" ref: ZPB M 1/3
1801 Plan of Malton 23" x 16" no scale given ref: ZPB M 1/4
1809 Plan of Malton by Ralph Burton 55" x 41" no scale given ref: ZPB M 1/6
1826 Malton Market Place Sketch of buildings etc. to be taken down for the new Market Place 26" x 21" ref: ZPB M 1/9
1844 Plan of town 38" x 28" scale 2 chains : 1" ref: ZPB M 1/12
1853 Malton Town Consists of 1853 OS sheets 50" x 38" scale 1 mile: 5' ref: ZPB M 1/17

Malton from the River

Engraved by Walker & Storer, drawn by F Nicholson, published 1794 by Harrison of Paternoster Road, London

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