Yorkshire Gazette 7 March 1863 POLICE NEWS – At the Town-hall, Malton, on Saturday ... ... Sarah Williamson was charged with assaulting Sarah Atkinson, on 14th ult., and Hannah Dunhill was charged with assaulting Elizabeth Hudson. All the four above named persons are of Malton, and the Bench ordered them all to be bound over to keep the peace for six months. The course pursued in these cases will, no doubt, prove very beneficial in checking the riotous proceedings of persons in this class of society. The parties who appear in these cases are, as a general rule, from the neighbourhood of Greengate, Victoria-square, and other low places, and, in nine cases out of ten, the complainant is as much to blame as the defendant.

Ryder's Square

At Malton Police Court in July 1866, Mary Allen, a widow residing in Ryder's Square was charged with violent assault on Thomas Ruddock. The bench inquired into the character of the neighbourhood in which she lived. The response was that the properties were very degraded and a banded. The bench requested communication be made to the owner of the property, 'and if no change for the better took place, some of the houses in that neighbourhood must be indicted at the next quarter sessions' [1]
In 1899, the Nuisance Inspector reported that nine cases of overcrowding of houses in Ryder's Square, belonging to the Estate, had been remedied by 'systematically turning out the occupiers' [2]
[1] York Herald, 21 July 1866
[2] York Herald, 3 June 1899


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