Extending northwards from the top of Wheelgate, Newbiggin reached the outskirts of the town and eventually led to Broughton and 'the street villages'.

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Newbiggin House


At KIMBERLEY’S HOTEL, in NEW MALTON, on TUESDAY the 5th day of December next, at FOUR o’Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will then be produced, and in The following or such other Lots as may be agreed upon at the time of Sale. LOT 1. A CAPITAL MESSUAGE, situate in a STREET, in NEW MALTON, called The Toll BOOTH, otherwise Newbiggin, and known by the name of “Newbiggin House” consisting of Dining and Drawing Room, each Twenty-five Feet Nine Inches, by Sixteen Feet Nine Inches, together with Breakfast Room, six Lodging rooms, Dressing room convenient Kitchens, and other Out-offices, a Walled Garden, extending from the House to a back Lane leading to the Cow Pasture, the whole thereof formerly in the Occupation of the late Mr. Henry Smithson, and now of Miss Spence.
(Yorkshire Gazette 18th November 1843)

Newbegin House

This freehold property was offered for sale by auction on Tuesday 26 March 1895 and was said to be in the occupation of Mr William Walker. It was withdrawn with the bidding at £460 (Mr HW Pearson's bid) [1] York Herald, 27 March 1895

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Auction - Numbers 82 & 83

Semi-detached villas, numbers 80 and 82 Newbiggin, were offered at auction in June 1913. They were in the occupation of Miss A. Colby and Mr. John Read respectively, and under a lease from the Earl Fitzwilliam for 99 years from 6th April 1886. Number 82 was let on an annual tenancy of £30. Apart from the joint size being 779 square yards no information was given about rooms etc. Yorkshire Gazette, 31 May 1913.

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