… … It was resolved to lay down a fresh pavement in Old Maltongate, and Macadamise the street … …
York Herald, 29 August 1857

JOHN ROBINSON, of New Malton, was charged with killing and slaying his wife, Hannah Robinson… … The prisoner is a carpenter, and in March last resided at a place called Church-hill … … His wife and he certainly did no live on very amicable terms, and at the time this melancholy event happened were not living in the same house. The deceased was rather addicted to liquor, and he believed, when the prisoner was absent, used to be very familiar with a man named Tom Hyde… …
After retiring a few minutes, the jury pronounced the prisoner guilty, but recommended him to mercy, in consequence of the provocation he had received. The Court sentenced him to be imprisoned in Northallerton house of correction to hard labour for the space of six calendar months.

Sheffield Independent, 23 July 1825

The Workmen's Arms

This beer-house had it's license dispensed with on 31st December 1907, under the Licensing Act 1904 [1]. It was demolished in July 1908 to make way for offices for Mr. John Estill, solicitor of Norton [2]
[1] Yorkshire Gazette, 15 February 1908
[2] Yorkshire Gazette, 11 July 1908

Volunteer Drill Hall

Opened Wednesday 19th January 1887, for the use of the Malton Rifle Volunteers. Building previously used as the British School-room. Opened by Major-General Harrison of Whitley House, Malton - Yorkshire Gazette, 22 January 1887


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