Extending in a north-westerly direction from Butcher Corner and leading into Newbiggin, Wheelgate has traditionally been a ‘shopping street’.  Notable exceptions being the Sun Inn, Crown Inn, Blacksmith’s Arms, Ship Inn and Cross Keys.  The latter has a medieval crypt, evidence of former times and earlier use.  Next to the Cross Keys once stood a chapel for the Primitive Methodists. Architecture suggests Georgian and Victorian origins. See the Gallery at the bottom of the page.
The new Post Office in Wheelgate opened on Monday 19 June 1911 'arrangements having been made to transfer the instruments from the old office in Yorkersgate tomorrow night' [1]
[1] Leeds Mercury, 17 June 1911
FOR SALE by Private Contract, a Well-built Brick and Tile DWELLING HOUSE, in good repair, with Yard, Brewhouse, and requisite Out-Offices adjoining, situate in Wheelgate, - occupied by Mr. Robert drake, and well adapted for Business. The House comprises a large front Room, with a larger Room over it, two good Bed Rooms, and two comfortable Attics, a Back Parlour and Kitchen, with a good Cellar adjoining the Street.
Possession may be had at Lady Day next, and the Price and other Particulars known of Mr BARNES, Solicitor, Malton.
1st January, 1840
York Herald, 4 January 1840

A Freehold MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, situate in WHEELGATE, New Malton, with a small Piece of Ground, immediately adjoining, now in the occupation of Robert Marshall.
Also a TENEMENT behind the same, now used as a Work-shop and Warehouse, in the occupation of Mr. John Watson, Flax-dresser.
And also, a large new-erected BUILDING, immediately adjoining the above PREMISES, now used as a Theatre, and in the occupation of Messrs. Huggins and Clark, Comedians.
For further particulars apply to Mr. JOHN WATSON, on the Premises; or at the Office of Mr. LEEFE, Attorney at Law, Malton.
MALTON, Feb. 6, 1806
York Herald, 8 February 1806
ALL that MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, SHOP, and PREMISES, situate in WHEELGATE, lately occupied by Mr. WILLIAM HORSLEY, Jun. Chymist and Druggist.
There is a good Cellar under the House and Shop, and a Warehouse with a Chamber over the same, in the Yard.
The Property is Freehold, and well adapted for Trade, the business of Chymist and Druggist having been carried on by the said Wm. Horsley, forwards of 15 years.
Further Particulars may be known on application at the Office of Mr. PAUL, Solicitor, Malton.
Malton, 10th March, 1821
Yorkshire Gazette, 17 March 1821

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