The Kimberleys

The Talbot Hotel was in early Victorian times known also as ‘Kimberleys Hotel’. Mr. Benjamin Kimberley died in November 1832 [1] and his wife, Mary, continued the business, probably until 1847. She placed notices in local newspapers in the summer of 1833 ‘MARY KIMBERLEY TALBOT HOTEL AND POSTING HOUSE, MALTON, RESPECTIVELY begs to return her sincere thanks to the Nobility, Gentry and Commercial Gentlemen, for the patronage bestowed by them upon the above Concern during the life-time of her Husband; and as it is her intention to continue the above extensive Establishment, she earnestly solicits a continuance of their support, assuring them that every exertion on her part shall be used to deserve it, by moderate charges, excellent wines, and superior accommodation of every description, the house and Grounds generally calling forth the unqualified approbation of every Visitor. COACHES – the TRUE BLUE and ROYAL MAIL every Day to and from Scarbro’; WHITBY COACH every other Day. Talbot Hotel, Malton, June 1833 [2]

[1] Hull Packet, 20 November 1832
[2] Yorkshire Gazette, 22 June 1833

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This charming and popular hotel is now under entirely new management.
York Herald, 2 October 1879

An advertisement appears early in 1846 for the letting of the hotel, ‘now in the occupation of Mrs. Kimberley, who is retiring from business’ [1]. It would appear that this was not successful in attracting a new tenant as early in 1847 a further advertisement appeared ‘The above Hotel stands unrivalled for the Beauty of its situation, and has long been celebrated for being one of the best in the Kingdom, commanding a very Extensive and Profitable Business, and altogether presents a favourable opportunity to any Person desirous of engaging therein.’ [2
Mary Kimberley died late in 1851 [3]. It was the venue for many social events, meetings, auctions and even in a later period a dental practice. A Mrs Barker took the business on subsequently and in July 1847 she is advertising for a ‘steady, sober, Postboy’ [4]

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