Malton War Memorial

The site for the War Memorial at the end of Yorkersgate was recommended by the Malton War Memorial Committee. At that time at the same spot was the Cannon enclosure, historically containing the Sebastopol cannon but more recently a German cannon too. A small number of trees grew on the site and their potential removal to make way for the memorial was a topic of discussion! A proposal to remove the Sebastopol cannon to a site at the top of Newbiggin was made, and one to move the German cannon, the popularity of which was mixed, to an island site in the river [1]
Yorkshire Gazette, 29 May 1920

The architect was a Mr. Leslie Moore and the builder a Mr. Oldfield and it was unveiled on Sunday, 13th March 1921 by Earl Fitzwilliam. The Yorkshire Gazette of 19th March 1921 carries an account of the unveiling ceremony containing a list of all those who laid wreaths and names those to whom they were in memory of.

Details of the Fallen

Malton and Norton Rotary Club have researched all the individuals listed on the Malton War Memorial using the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site, local media records, census records and documents, letters and photos from the local community. Wherever possible places of burial, regiments, parents and sibling relationships are shown. These details can be seen here.

List of those Named

Atkinson, A
Bowes, S
Boyes, E
Boyes, W, Sergt.
Brown, W
Bullous, A
Cattle, WV
Coates, J, Lieut.
Cockerill, T, Sergt.
Craven, AV
Dale, GF
Dale, WE, Sergt.
Dresser, EE
Ellis, E
Fowles, R, RNR
Galtry, RD, Lieut.
Gibson, H, Sergt.
Grandy, W
Halliday, CG, RN.
Harrison, GW
Harrison, JW
Harrison, R
Haykings, E
Haynes, G
Hodgson, E
Hornsey, Sarah E, VAD
Jackson, A
Jackson, EW
Jennings, AS, Corpl.
Johnson, J
Johnston, HM, Capt.
Kendall, P, Sergt.
Kirby, GE, Lieut.
Knott, J
Lapish, WR, CRO RN.
Lawty, WJ
Lightfoot, W, RN.
Little EA
Longster, WE, Lieut.
Ludlam, C
Manning, T, Sergt.
Mason, J, Corpl.
McAdorey, J, Lieut.
McDonald, F, Corpl.
McIntyre, T
Nicholson, J
Perrin, H
Perryman, AH
Pickering, H
Piercy, GW
Postill, H
Read, C Stanley, Lieut.
Robinson, A
Shaw, B
Simpson, A
Simpson, J
Sissons, GR
Sleightholme, AR, Sergt.
Smith, F
Smith, W
Smith, W
Smithson, H
Sollitt, GW, OM RN.
Spencer, GH
Stabler, TA
Stephenson, JR, Sergt M.
Stubbs, RM
Swales, F
Tasker, H
Taylor, GH
Thompson, H
Thomson, JA Raymond, Lt Col DSO Croix de Guerre
Trotter, AD, Capt MC.
Ward, R
Wardell, E, Sergt.
Wardill, C
Ware, F
Whiting, G
Wood, CA
Wood, GW
Wood, TR

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