Early Enlisters

A deep sense of patriotism and a tremendously enthusiastic Captain Behrens ensured enlistment got off to a good start in Malton.
Advertisements directed the would be soldiers to Captain Behrens at the Drill Hall in Old Maltongate. The advertisement below was the first recruitment announcement to appear in the Malton Messenger, 22 August 1914.

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The recruitment advertisement below appeared in the Malton Messenger of 5 September 1914. Notice that the age limit, previously 19 to 30 years, has been extended to 19 to 35 years.

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There were recruitment meetings in Malton in the Market place and in neighbouring villages. These were supported by parades of soldiers and speeches by local dignitaries and Captain Behrens himself. During one meeting on 5th September Captain Behrens mentioned that recruiting had started on 17th August, since which date 118 regulars and 70-80 Territorials had enlisted.
For a short period, the names of those who had enlisted got into the newspapers under the heading 'Young men who are serving their country'
Regulars: Maurice Bell, RFA, Newbiggin, Malton; William Ernest Dale, RFA, Market Street, Malton; John Hardcastle Sturdy, Reserve Battalion, 14th West Yorkshire, 1 Primrose Yard, Malton; Robert Craven, RFA, 16 Middlecave Road, Malton.
Territorials (H. Co., 5th Battalion Princess Of Wales Own Yorks Regmnt.): Eric Gibson, 59 Newbiggin, Malton; Cyril Allison, 2 St. Leonard's Lane, Malto; Harry Train, 31 Greengate, Malton; George Arthur Cranitch Archibald Simpson, 46 Greengate, Malton [1]
[1] Malton Messenger, September 12th 1914

The recruitment poster below appeared in the Malton Messenger, 6 February 1915. Notice the addition of the questions under 'WHAT ANSWER WILL YOU GIVE TO THESE FOUR QUESTIONS?" - some emotional encouragement to enlist.

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The recruitment net was cast wider to encourage men to enlist for specific roles. Notice specific age limits and heights.
Malton Messenger, 30 October 1915.

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Since Capt. Clive Behrens undertook the work of recruiting for His Majesty's Forces in the Malton district, the headquarters of the H Company 5th Battalionn Yorkshire Regiment in Old Maltongate Malton, has presented many busy scenes, in which the gallant Captain, Sergt Elvy, Sergt. McManus, and other willing workers have at all times been conspicuous. In addition to his work here, Captain Behrens has attended numerous meeting sin the district, as a result of which the roll of recruits has been steadily augmented by men of the right type. Others will no doubt follow, and in view of the importance of this branch of the work we have obtained a revised list of those who have already left Malton at duty's call.

It would be impossible, of course, to give a complete list of the officers and men who have gone from Malton, since some belong to other arms of the Service than that of which the record is kept at the Malton headquarters, nevertheless, we have sought to include all known names. Of those not in the records to be obtained in Malton and who are in other sections, we may mention Mr. F. Strickland, Capt. Walker, Capt. Deakin, Capt. Thomson, Dr. E.T. Tatlow, Miss Elkins (Cottage Hospital), Dr. Pickles, Messrs. E. Radcliffe, Watson Pearson, P. and H. Cooper, E. Stanley Jones, and C. Abbott.
The list kindly supplied is as follows:-
Thomas Bowes, Malton, Special Reserve, Yorks. Regt; Thomas Teasdale, Pickering, G.S. Infantry; James Ward, Kirbymoorside, G.S. Cavalry; John Shaw, Newton, G.S. Cavalry; Noel Sharples, Newton, G.S. Cavalry; William Hubert Brereton, Malton, Hussars of the Line; Alfred Charles Burch, Kirbymoorside, R.F.A; Harry Hudson, G.S. Infantry; Thomas Wray, R.F.A.; Albert Searle, S. Reserve; Ernest Spaven, R.G.A.; Alfred Pearson, 19th Yorks Regt; Norman Walker, 19th Yorks. Regt.; Abel Thompson, Helmsley, R.F.A.; Leonard Atkinson, Malton, R.F.A.; Henry Burr, Malton, R.F.A.; Charles Robert Jackson, Norton, S. Reserve, Yorks. Regt.; Edward Flint, Norton, S. Reserve, Yorks. Regt.; Robert Brockless, S. Reserve, Yorks. Regt.; Chas. Jackson, Malton, R.F.A.; John Henry Prosser, Malton, R.F.A.; John Smith, R.G.A.; James Key, Newton, G.S. Cavalry.
Robert Scrownston, Victoria Square, Greengate, Malton; Lawrence Clarkson, Havelock Terrace, Norton; Francis Henry Halliday, Welton House, Newbiggin, Malton; Chas. William Crosby, Parliament Street, Norto; Alfred M. Johnson, Wood Street, Norton; Francis Bowes, Ebenezer Cottages, Norton; Ernest Tiplady, Welburn; Bertie Walton, Mill Street, Norton; Leslie Gibson, Newbiggin, Malton; Walter Askew, Allerston Marishes; Tom Marshall, Mill Street, Norton; J. Edward Harper, Mill Street, Norton; Robert Hutchinson, Howsham Hall; Thomas Hodgson, School House Hill Malton; James Parker, Sher Cottage, Welham; George Smart, Welham; Arthur Clarke, Vine Street, Norton; Harvey Warwick, Wentworth Street, Malton; H. Victor Sellars, St. Nicholas Street, Norton; Thomas Jones, Swinton Grange, Malton; Raymond Parnaby, Wood Street, Norton; George Green, Whitby; Thomas Richard Wood, Old Maltongate, Malton; William Gilroy, Castlegate, Malton; Harold Calver, Vine Street, Norton; Harold Fisher, Grove Street, Norton; George Henry Harrison, Parliament Street, Norton; Ernest Brockless, Derwent Place, Malton; Samuel Parker, Carlton, Helmsley; John Baines, High Shiplam, Kirbymoorside; William Richard Conning, Starfish Lane, Kirbymoorside; Alma Woods, Pickering; Harry Johnson, Pickering; G.H. carter, Kirbymoorside; P.P. garnet, Kirbymoorside; Rowland Forster, Kirbymoorside; Stephen Whiting, Melmerby Hall, Ripon; Walter Sturdy, Hammerton House, Kirbymoorside; William Bowman Wood, Undercliffe, Pickering; Benjamin Granger Patcher, Eastgate, Pickering; T. Beavet Carter, Eastgate, Pickering; John Wilson, Wombleton, Nawton; Thomas Collitt, High Street, Gelmsley; Frederick William Atkinson, Court House, Helmsley; Herbert Eden Lealman, Norton; Robert Nelson, Greengate, Malton; Herbert Goodall, Greengate, Malton.
(attached to Territorials).
Arthur Kitching, Parliament Street, Norton; Arthur Ellis, Castlegate, Malton; William Johnson, Station House, Hovingham; C.C. Wray, Old Maltongate, Malton; Sergeant W. Farnell, Raper Farm, Great Habton; George Cryer, Wentworth Street, Malton; John Harrington, Railway Street, Malton; George Hebditch, Wheelgate Square, Malton; John milson, Middlecave Road, Malton; William Drabble, Yorkersgate, Malton; Albert Smith, Wheelgate, Malton.
Lieut. Pickles, commander of H Company; Lieut Maxwell, 2nd in command; Col-Sergt. Instructor Hilliard, Col-Sergt Schollitt, Mill Street, Norton; Corpl. Kendall, Wheelgate Square, Malton; H. Allen, Greengate, Malton; Geo. Allen, Old Maltongate, Malton; J. Allen, New Cut, Malton; E. Fawcett, Greengate, Malton; R. Wilson, Newbiggin, Malton; H. Bell, Newbiggin, Malton; J. Mason, Cemetery Lane, Malton; F. Harrison, Old Maltongate, Malton; F. Fox, Ryton; J.E. Mason, Castlegate, Malton; Walter Mason, Castlegate, Malton; D. Stephenson, Old Malton; J. Knaggs, Old Maltongate, Malton; W. Hide, Old Maltongate, Malton; R. Barron, North Grimston; W. Wilkinson, Scarborough Road, Norton; H. Gibson, Middlecave Road, Malton; J. Greenley, Castlegate, Malton; H. Jackson, Greengate, Malton; F. Smith, Greengate, Malton; H. Read, Norton; Lance-Corpl. Lomas, Vine Street, Norton; W. Flint, Wold Street, Norton; J. Parket, St. Peter's Street, Norton; W. Bowland, Commercial Street, Norton; F. Lyons, Wold Street, Norton; W. Horsley, Scarborough Road, Norton; L. Bowland, Commercial Street, Norton; L. Cass, Old Maltongate, Malton; O. Hollings, Grove Street, Norton; J. Brough, Scarborough Road, Norton; W. Marr, Huttons Ambo' Sergt, Joy, Sand Hutton; Sergt. Boswell, Sand Hutton; Lance Corpl. Thorpe, Greengate, Malton; Corporal Broadley, Scarborough Road, Norton; G. Thackray, Old Malton; J. Cockerill, Old Malton; F. Kitchen, Old Malton; F. Bradley, Old Malton; W. Harrison, Pye Pits, Old Malton; F. Lumley, Old Malton; J.A. Hodgson, Wheelgate Square, Malton; G. North, Wheelgate; W. Chapman, Pye Pits, Old Malton; F. Rooks, Old Malton; H. Postill, Hovingham; J. Dawson, Hovingham; F. Ward, Hovingham; F. Wright, Hovingham; J. Oldfield, Hovingham; A. Shuttleworth, Sand Hutton; G. Johnson, Sand Hutton; Sergt. Farrow, Sand Hutton; G. Richardson, Sand Hutton; F. Evans, Sand Hutton; A. Spaven, Sand Hutton; Corpl. J. Harland, Sand Hutton; Corpl. J. Abbey, Sand Hutton; F. Wade, Sand Hutton; R. Shooter, Sand Hutton; A. Stephens, Sand Hutton; T. Mead, Sand Hutton; A. Addison, Sand Hutton; A. Parker, Sand Hutton; F. Sykes, Sand Hutton; W. Barton, Sand Hutton; F. Briggs, Sand Hutton; W. Carr, Sand Hutton; H. Rennison, Sand Hutton; J. Stephenson, Sand Hutton; G.W. Hill, Sand Hutton; E.W. Grice, Sand Hutton; R. Eden, Old Malton; J. Brewer, Knapton Station; B. Turner, Welham; W. Ward, Norton.
We have been asked to give the following names, in addition to the above:- E.C. Stancliffe (London Joint Stock Bank), Malton; Fred Allison, St. Leonard's Lane; H. Ash, 6, Wright's Yard; Albert Blake, 1, Swan Lane; Bernard Blake, !, Swan Lane; Jas. Blake, 1, Swan Lane; William Burdett, 3, Green Man Yard; Charles Burr, Norton; Charles Bower, 56, Wheelgate; Walter Brown, 5 Greengate; John Banyard, Norton; John Coates, Barclay's Bank; Fred Dunning, 16, Wright's Yard; Frank Davison, 18, Middlecave; F. Elwood, 17, Wright's Yard; Albert Ellis, Old Talbot Yard; Alfred Gibson, 59, Newbiggin; John Greenley, Pump Alley; Herbert Goodall, West Lodge; Rawling Harwood, Norton; John Hird, 39, Newbiggin; Geo. Heward, Gatehouse; Guy Habiday, 66, Newbiggin; George Harrison, 7a Old Maltongate; James Harrison, 41, Old Maltongate; Wilfrid Johnson, c/o Boulton and Cooper; Harry Lomas, Beckett's Bank; George Ludlam, Golden Lion; Fred Marton, Orchard Cottage; Reginald Marton; Orchard Cottage; Alfred McBenford, 15 Greengate; Edmond Malone, West Lodge; Percy North, 37 Wheelgate; Harry Perrin, 5, Soulby's Yard; Arthur Race, 22 Newbiggin; John Richardson, 9, Old Maltongate; J. Rollinson, 36 Newbiggin; William Smith, 2, Luccock Square, Wilfrid Smith, 6, Luccock Square; John Spanton, Sun Hotel; Albert Squires, 13, East Mount; Harry Thorpe, 3, Newbiggin; T. Wilson, 1, Newbiggin; William Wilson, 2, Swan Lane; Percy Wardill, 64, Newbiggin; Augustus Walker, 42, Greengate; Cecil Whittingham, Norton; William Wilkinson, 21, Wheelgate; Wilford, Steven's Yard; Warwick, 7, Newbiggin; Ralph Yates, Norton; Sidney E. Yorke, Norton.
About fifty more have joined this week, and their names will be published in our next issue.

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Malton Messenger, 17 October 1914

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"... it is to be hoped that all young men of suitable age and physical fitness will recognise what is simply their duty ..."
Malton Messenger, 31 October 1914

A fine example of patriotism is that furnished by the family of Mr. and Mrs Alfred Greenley, 22 Old Maltongate, Malton; who have five sons in the Army four of whom are on active service 'Somewhere in France.'
Malton Messenger, 15th January 1916

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