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At the meeting of the Malton Tribunal yesterday, application for exemption was made on behalf of a horseman and market gardener. Exemption was granted for three months, but the military representative said in all cases where temporary exemptions were granted, it should be understood that the employer should make an effort to find a substitute, and in applying for a renewal of the exemption proof of such effort should be produced to the tribunal.
Mr. H.W. Pearson, who presided, stated that he had drawn the attention of the Local Government Board to the fact that in the case of non-attested single men who had been granted temporary exemptions, they had two months after their exemption expired in which to renew the application for exemption, whereas the attested single men must apply for exemption within seven days of being called up. That was placing the voluntarily attested man in a worse position than the conscript. The Local Government Board agreed with Mr. Pearson's view.
The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, 7 March 1916

Some curious facts were revealed at the sitting of the Malton Tribunal on Monday night, when two claims for total exemption on conscientious grounds were heard. Application in the first case was a butcher's slaughterman, who said he objected to all wars, holding that human life was sacred. He said he belonged to the No-Conscription Fellowship Association, and had held the views since the war began. The other conscientious objector was a young man, who said he had charge of 200 sheep. He said he was a Socialist. The Chairman said neither applicant had given proof that their conscientious objectives were bonafide. Both had adopted their views since the outbreak of war. The applications were refused.
The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, 8 March 1916

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