Bravery at Ypres

Corporal J.J. Blake, 18th Hussars (Q.M.O), son of Mr. and Mrs. Blake, Church Lane, Old Maltongate, Malton, was awarded the D.C.M. ... ... On Monday last Corporal Blake, who is 22 years of age, came home on a few days' leave with the coveted ribbon on his breast, and the joy of his parents may be imagined at his return. ... ... he had been in the army about four years. On June 24th last he was promoted Lance-Corporal, and on July 17th full Corporal. He went to the front when the war first broke out, and has been in a good deal of fighting at Mons, the Marne, Aisne, and Ypres, &c. Whilst at the latter place, some of the regiment were badly 'gassed.' Corproal Blake added that he had a taste of it, but there were others who suffered from it more than he did. On two occasions he went out and brought in men suffering from the poison-gas, and on returning found telephone communications had been cut. These he quickly re-established, and on another occasion he rendered valuable service at a critical moment. ... ... Corporal Blake, D.C.M., returned to the front on Thursday night and was given a most enthusiastic send-off. Mr. W. Suddaby, of the Crown Hotel, Wheelgate, very kindly placed a carriage at this disposal, and the White Star Band and Boy Scouts were in attendance. ... ... Both sides of Old Maltongate and Yorkersgate to Railway Street were crowded ...
Malton Messenger, January 19th 1916

Patriotic Family

It was not unusual for families to have 2 or more sons join the forces.

A fine example of patriotism is that furnished by the family of Mr. and Mrs Alfred Greenley, 22 Old Maltongate, Malton; who have five sons in the Army four of whom are on active service 'Somewhere in France.'

Malton Messenger, 15th January 1916

In Progress

Lieutenant Claude E. Abbott, son of Mr R.T.G. Abbott, of Malton, was awarded the Military Cross [1]

[1] Yorkshire Gazette, 5 August 1916

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above Malton Messenger 14 July 1917

In Progress

In progress

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