A Census has been taken every 10 years since 1801, although the 1841 census was the first to list individuals by name. Generally censuses become available for public use after 100 years. The census is a key record for genealogists and local historians.
The census for Malton for the years 1841 to 1911 is available online from a number of vendors on a 'pay to view' basis.

The 1881 Census has been transcribed by the by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and can be seen without charge here.

The value of the census is twofold; the ability to find an ancestor or family member; and the ability to take a ‘virtual walk’ round the town observing the names, businesses and features.


I have transcribed a number of censuses - question marks indicate uncertainties and one day I will get round to investigating and resolving these.

Workhouse Transcriptions

You might be interested in discovering if one of your ancestors spent time in the Malton Union Workhouse. It is of course possible that an ancestor did reside in the workhouse but in an intervening year!

Fitzwilliam Rent Accounts

In the Fitzwilliam archive at NYCRO (ref ZPB 111) are accounts showing rental collections from tenants from 1750 to 1924. Given that just about all property in Malton was owned by Fitzwilliam these accounts come close to census records for listing the people in the town. The accounts do not show what property they rented, and those who did not pay rent are not listed. If you are investigating whether a family has roots in Malton then these rental accounts could be a useful source of evidence. One such list for one half years rents due Michaelmas 1786 as an example can be seen here (transcribed and published with permission of the North Yorkshire County Record Office)

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