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Maltonians Database

The Malton People Database contains snippets of information about those who lived in Malton up to the early 1900s. Click on the first letter of the surname in which you are interested to see the entries. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z There are more than 5,000 entries including references to newspaper mentions (bankruptcies, court cases, accidents etc), entries in trade directories and anything else which might be useful to family historians. This can only be an index so please check the source so that you will know if more detailed information is available.

The Census

A Census has been taken every 10 years since 1801, although the 1841 census was the first to list individuals by name. Generally censuses become available for public use after 100 years. The census for Malton for the years 1841 to 1911 list all the people present in the town on 'census night' and is available online from a number of vendors on a 'pay to view' basis. The value of the census is twofold; the ability to find an ancestor or family member; and the ability to take a 'virtual walk' round the town observing the names, businesses and features. I have transcribed the following:

St Leonard's Parish St Michael's Parish St Mary's Parish
1841 1841 1841
1851 1851 1851
1861 1861 1861
1871 1871 1871
1891 1891 1891
1901 1901

I have spent a lot of time making these transcriptions and where there was doubt about a name or place I have checked against other sources and/or previous/subsequent censuses. If there was still doubt then a '?' has been used.

The abbreviations I have used in the transcriptions can be seen here.

Biographies, Sketches, Obituaries and Family Histories

Here you will find biographies, funeral reports and sketches that have (generally) been published in the local newspapers. Most are about those Maltonians who were prominent tradesmen/professionals or held positions of public office in the town. Click on the first letter of the surname in which you are interested to see the entries. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z This information iincludes the 'sketches' that appeared in the Yorkshire Gazette under the general heading of 'Bygone Maltonians' 1910-1912. Let me know if you would like something about your family included here or a link to your own website.

Fitzwilliam Rent Accounts

In the Fitzwilliam archive at NYCRO (ref ZPB 111) are accounts showing rental collections from tenants from 1750 to 1924. Given that just about all property in Malton was owned by Fitzwilliam these accounts come close to census records for listing the people in the town. The accounts do not show what property they rented, and those who did not pay rent are not listed. If you are investigating whether a family has roots in Malton then these rental accounts could be a useful source of evidence. One such list for one half years rents due Michaelmas 1786 as an example has been transcribed and published with permission of the North Yorkshire County Record Office.

Lists of Voters

Electoral Rolls and lists of voters can be useful for tracking whether people are in Malton or not and in some cases their address. The criteria for voting has changed over the years so the absence of a person from the voting list does not necessarily mean they were not in Malton. The 1858 list of voters for St Michael's Parish has been transcribed.

1873 Return of Owners of Land

This lists all those who owned one or more acres of land, together with extent, address of owner and value. It is listed alphabetically i.e. not by place. It can be consulted for Yorkshire in York Reference Library and in full at the Society of Genealogists and the National Archives. The Malton entries have been transcribed.

Newspaper Announcements of Births, Marriages & Deaths

A list of the birth, marriage and death announcements from area newspapers (including the York Herald and Yorkshire Gazette) is being compiled. Some events were announced in multiple publications so expect some duplication.

Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths & Burials

Events since 1837, can be identified by searching the General Register Office indexes and then applying for a certificate. The GRO indexes are available on microfiche in a number of main libraries and digitised versions can be searched at a number of websites. The index entries give names, the quarter in which the event was registered, the registration district and a reference number. To see the details of the event a certificate must be applied for. These details e.g. father's name will help build a family tree.

The Society of Genealogists in London has microfilm copies of the following registers:

  • Old Malton St Mary's - Baptisms: 1606-1863; Marriages: 1606-1840; Burials: 1606-1843
  • Malton St. Michael's - Marriages: 1600-08, 1625-41, 1644-1856
  • Malton St. Leonard's - Marriages: 1601-20, 1630-39, 1662-1843

The Borthwick Institute for Archives at the University of York has the following registers:

  • Old Malton St Mary's - Baptisms: 1606-1928; Marriages: 1606-1959; Burials: 1606-1941; Banns: 1865-1976
  • Malton St. Michael's - Baptisms: 1570-1933; Marriages: 1570-1945; Burials: 1570-1850; Banns: 1823-1859, 1885-1962; Churchwardens Accounts: 1853-1935, 1949-1956
  • Malton St. Leonard's - Baptisms: 1600-1653, 1662-1956; Marriages: 1600-1653, 1662-1947; Burials: 1600-1653, 1662-1893; Banns: 1754-1762, 1856-1941; Churchwardens Accounts: 1863-1922

Non-Conformist Registers A glance in the trade directories for the period will show the range of places of worship in Malton. The following 'non-conformist' registers can be seen at the East Riding Archives:

  • Salem Baptist Chapel - Births: 1829-1836; and Church Book 1828-1837 (to include details of members)
  • Congregationalist/Independent: Ebenezer - Baptisms: 1814-1836
  • Methodist - Primitive, Baptisms: 1830-1837
  • Presbyterian: Births and Baptisms: 1773-1837; Burials: 1778-1836

The North Yorkshire County Record Office has the following 'non-conformist' registers for New Malton:

  • Unitarian - Baptisms: 1773-1916; Marriages: 1866-1880 and 1898 - 1912; Burials: 1778-1879 and 1901 - 1911
  • Congregational - Baptisms: 1855 - 1904; Marriages: 1855 - 1879 and 1885 - 1902; Burials: 1856 - 1870 and 1897 - 1903

The Ryedale Family History Society has transcribed and published the burial registers for the Malton Cemetery.

I have transcribed a small selection of parish register entries from 1813

The Hearth Tax

This was in force 1662-1688 and was devised to increase the treasury coffers by imposing a tax on householders whose house was worth more than 20s a year, and who was a local ratepayer of church and poor rates. Some of the returns survive at The National Archives ref E179/216/462. The list for Michaelmas 1673 covering Malton has been transcribed and published by The Ripon Historical Society ISBN 1 872618 07 3. It is useful for seeing where the wealth was in the area and searching for specific family names.

Wives Wanted

A notice to the following effect was posted at Malton on Tuesday 2nd December 1834: "This is to give notice, that a certain gentleman, of Malton, is in immediate want of a wife. He is about five feet nine inches in height, of good complexion, and of respectable appearance, and would wish to be the partner of a lady about forty years of age, who is possessed of personal attractions, and a moderate fortune. Address J.S. Yorkersgate, to be left at the post-office, Malton. - P.S. The gentleman has made many very great efforts, which have not proved successful." [1]

On Monday, the 22d of October laft, at Malton, Mr. R. Wood, of the Blue-Ball public-house, of that place, to Mrs. Sarah Murrill, late housekeeper to John Webb Wefton, Efq. Guildford, Surrey. - We have to notice, that this marriage took place in consequence of an advertisement for "A WIFE," which appeared in the York Herald, in July laft. The advertisement being read by the lady's maid, the immediately fhowed it to the housekeeper, telling her it would be a good match for her. After come little correfpondence, an interview took place at Grantham, and the lady was brought down to Malton, to fee the fituation. Every thing proving agreeable, the marriage was fpeedily consummated.-Seldom has any circumstance happened at Malton, which has excited more curiosity and attention; there is scarcely a person in the town or neighbourhood but has been at the Blue-Ball, to pay their refpects to the bride, who is a very handfome and moft refpectable woman.- Our Correfpondent concludes: "This modern way of procuring a wife, is much liked here; and I doubt not but you will have many more applications of the kind." [2]

At Malton, Mr. R. Wood, of the Blue Ball public house there, to Miss Sarah Mureill, late housekeeper to John Webb Weston, Esq. Guildford, Surry. This marriage took place in consequence of an advertisement for "A Wife," which appeared in the York Herald of July last, and promises much happiness to the parties. the bride is a very handsome and a very respectable woman. [3]

  • [1] Leeds Times, 6 December 1834
  • [2] York Herald Saturday 10th November 1804
  • [3] The Scots Magazine, 1 November 1804
Memories of Malton

Thomas Baker compiled "Memories of Malton and Some of its Inhabitants in the 'Sixties and Onwards". The date of writing is assumed to be the 1920s - 'sixties refers to the 1860s! This may help with interpreting Census information as although not comprehensive covers how some streets and the occupation of shops evolved. The work has sections for each major street/area of the town and the introduction is as follows: "It has often been suggested to me that a few observations on Malton and some of its inhabitants in the "Sixties" and onwards would prove interesting not only to the older but also to the younger generation of Maltonians, and after much thought, and diffidence, I have decided to give my impressions of Malton during the last 65 years in order to show what improvements have been made in the structural appearance of the old town. I will try to give a true reflection of the transformation which has been effected during that period. Of course, I realise that it will be a very difficult task to undertake as I have no data to go upon except my own recollections; that is to say, I have not any notes or diary of the alterations as to the exact times when the old buildings have been pulled down and the new ones erected. I will, however, endeavour to deal with the alterations made in the various streets of the town, and will first take" * Wheelgate * Yorkersgate * Castlegate * Old Maltongate * Market Street & Market Place * Saville Street * Horsemarket Road * Victoria Road * Railway Street * St. Michael Street

Malton in the 1840s

Articles and correspondence describing reminiscences of people, businesses and appearance of the town in the 1840s as recorded in late 1907/early 1908 in the Yorkshire Gazette.

Malton Butchers Cricket Team

Names on the scorecard for the match played 28th May 1902 at and against Westow: C Coverly, B Nicholson, S Stockdale, Nendick, J Bradley, F Mitchelson, H Bradley, H Botterill, T Bradley, H Sturdy, HC Clapison. As reported in the Malton Gazette Saturday June 7th, 1902

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The Town Bellman/Crier

The quickest way of getting news round the town was via the 'bell man'. This was an official position whose duties extended to walking the streets, ringing his bell, and shouting the news. The Yorkshire Gazette of Saturday 12th July 1845 reports 'a little boy, about four years of age .. was missing in the morning, and after searching for him all the day, the bell-man was sent round in the evening' Those who have held the position of bellman include: 1840 On Tuesday the 2nd inst., at New Malton, aged 79, Mr. Wm. Forster, shoemaker. He was bellman for the borough, and many years the leading singer at the Independent Chapel, and was much respected (death notice, Yorkshire Gazette, Saturday, 6th October, 1849) 1857 On Monday, aged 50, Mr. George Wells, fishmonger and town bellman, Malton (death notice, Leeds Times, Saturday 31st January, 1857) Joseph Horsley was Malton Town Crier. He died on 15 March 1860 [1]. Inquest at Blue Ball Inn, aged 69, left house early in the morning for the purposes of crying 'fish' for Mr. Coates, the fishmonger. Got to the corner of Spital street and fell on to the stall of Mr. Etty, shopkeeper. Had complained of chest pains and leg swelling. Dr Hartley suggested he had died of disease of the heart [2]. Robert Coulson, cordwainer, became the town crier in April 1860, holding that role for thirty five years when on his death it passed to his son-in-law Barnby Knaggs. He was succeeded by Herbert Bullous who died in 1934 [3]

  • [1] Leeds Mercury, 17 March 1860
  • [2] Leeds Mercury, 20 March 1860
  • [3] Leeds Mercury, 9 April 1934
Castlegate Magazine Club

As reported in the Malton Gazette Saturday June 7th, 1902 Castlegate Magazine Club Run by RJ Smithson around 1900 this was a circulation list for magazines. Names on the list include: JJ Megginson, Mrs Abrams, Robert Bartliff, Mrs Cawood, Mr Hartley, Mr Slater, RTG Abbott, Thomas Hopkins, Mr Sadler, Ernest Russell, Chas. Russell, Mr Estill, Mrs Sherlock, Rev. Wright. See the rules etc here.

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Charles Dickens

The connection between the author Charles Dickens and Malton was twofold. Firstly, through a solicitor, Charles Smithson, who practised in Chancery Lane. Dickens was godfather to one of Smithson's daughters. In 1844 when Smithson died, Dickens attended the funeral. For more information see the Malton Charles Dickens Society webpage.
The second connection was through his brother, Alfred Lambert Dickens. He was an engineer and for a period lived at Greengate House: 'At the Malton Sale Rooms on Tuesday, Messrs Boulton and Cooper offered for sale the residence known as Greengate House, the property of the executors of the late Mr. Richard Snow, together with an adjoining dwelling house. This was where Charles Dickens visited his brother Alfred, who was engineer during the construction of the York and Scarborough Railway. The property was withdrawn at £1,150.' Hull Daily Mail, 23 September 1914

Finance Act 1910

This introduced the idea of taxing capital appreciation or real property. This began with the Board of Inland Revenue conducting an exercise to ascertain the site value of all land in the United Kingdom as on 30th April 1909. This became the baseline for the tax, the value at the time of any subsequent sale or transfer of the property being used to establish the incremental increase upon which tax was to be paid. The original value of all property in Malton can be seen on microfilm at the North Riding County Record Office.

Information in Four Categories


Lots of information about who lived here and where! Families, Malton Butchers Cricket Team, Malton People Database, Memories of Malton, Charles Dickens Connection, Town Bellman, Town Crier, Wives Wanted, Malton in the 1840s, Census including some transcriptions, 1858 List of Voters for St. Michael's, Earl Fitzwilliam Rent Accounts, Newspaper announcements of births, deaths and mariages

The Town

What was the town like in Victorian and Edwardian times? Where is/was that street? House numbering, Malton in the 1840s, Planning & Building Control, Toilets in Chancery Lane, Streets Butcher Corner, Castlegate, Greengate, Market Place, Middlecave, Newbiggin, Old Maltongate, St. Michael Street, Saville Street, The Mount, Wentworth Street, Wheelgate, Yorkersgate, York Road, Peasey Hill, Planning & Building Control, Town Guides Old Pictures and Maps, Walks around the town take in a bit of history! Land Hearth Tax, 1873 Return of Owners of Land, Property, North Riding Register of Deeds, Finance Act 1910


What businesses and industries were here? Trade Directories, Photographers, Undertakers, Apprentices, Banks, Breweries, Local Traders and Advertisements, Bankruptcy, Malton and Norton Cooperative Society, Longsters, Fitch & Co, Thomas Taylor, Public Benefit Boot Co., Shopping Week 1922, The Manure Company, Biscuit Mills, Milling, Iron Foundries, Ralph Yates, Industrial Safety

Topics & Events

What happened here both locally and in response to wider events? Baker's Chronology, New Malton Spa, Emigration, The Telephone Comes to Malton, Cemetery, Horse Procession, Coronation of Queen Victoria, 1937 Coronation Celebrations, St. Michael's School, Racecourse, Emigration, Malton Golf Course, Sebastopol Cannon, Middlecave Windmill, Traffic, Theatre, Queen Victoria's Jubilee, Coronation of Edward Vll, Longster's Spa Garden, Curling, Talbot Hotel Newspapers Historical Background, Malton Messenger, Malton & Norton Gazette, including digital copies of the first few editions from 1855 Worship Three Ecclesiastical Parishes, 1857 locations, St. Michael's, St. Leonard's, Primitive Methodists, Unitarians, Independents, Catholics, Baptists, Wesleyans, Society of Friends, Congregationalists, 1851 Religious Census Police & Fire Police, law & order, prostitution, fire brigade, fires, Fire Brigade Friendly Society Pubs & Beerhouses Brewster Sessions, landlords, Temperance movement, closure dates Secret Orders Freemasonry, Friendly Societies, Oddfellows, Independent Order of Rechabites, Shepherds and Charities The Railway Victorian Heyday, Abolition of the Turnpikes, Accidents, Station Location, Railway Crossing & Bridge, Excursions, Railway Buildings, York & Scarborough line, Malton & Driffield line, Malton and Whitby line Health The sanitary condition of Malton 1854, nuisance removal, local board of health, the Dispensary, the Cottage Hospital, Apothecaries, Doctors and Surgeons, Dentists, Galvanism, 1932 typhoid outbreak, Health & Housing in 1909, Cholera, Smallpox, Smallpox Vaccination, Typhoid, 1918 Influenza epidemic Workhouse Settlement & Removals, managing the workhouse, state of the workhouse 1818, workhouse provisions, scandal at the workhouse, life in the workhouse, one of yours in the workhouse, masters & matrons, advertisements for staff First World War War is declared, the Wider War Effort, Employment issues for local tradesmen, Zeppelin Raids, Local Recruitment Advertising and Meetings, Military Tribunals, Medals and Bravery, Casualties, War Memorial, Armistice is Signed

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