Births, Marriages & Deaths

Events since 1837, can be identified by searching the General Register Office indexes and then applying for a certificate. The GRO indexes are available on microfiche in a number of main libraries and digitised versions can be searched at a number of websites. The index entries give names, the quarter in which the event was registered, the registration district and a reference number. To see the details of the event a certificate must be applied for. These details e.g. father's name will help build a family tree.

The Society of Genealogists in London has microfilm copies of the following registers:

  • Old Malton St Mary's - Baptisms: 1606-1863; Marriages: 1606-1840; Burials: 1606-1843
  • Malton St. Michael's - Marriages: 1600-08, 1625-41, 1644-1856
  • Malton St. Leonard's - Marriages: 1601-20, 1630-39, 1662-1843

The Borthwick Institute of Historical Research has the following registers:

  • Old Malton - Baptisms: 1606-1928; Marriages: 1606-1959; Burials: 1606-1941; Banns: 1865-1976
  • Malton St. Michael's - Baptisms: 1570-1933; Marriages: 1570-1945; Burials: 1570-1850; Banns: 1823-1859, 1885-1962; Churchwardens Accounts: 1853-1935, 1949-1956
  • Malton St. Leonard's - Baptisms: 1600-1653, 1662-1956; Marriages: 1600-1653, 1662-1947; Burials: 1600-1653, 1662-1893; Banns: 1754-1762, 1856-1941; Churchwardens Accounts: 1863-1922

Non-Conformist Registers A glance in the trade directories for the period will show the range of places of worship in Malton. The following 'non-conformist' registers can be seen at the East Riding Archives:

  • Salem Baptist Chapel - Births: 1829-1836; and Church Book 1828-1837 (to include details of members)
  • Congregationalist/Independent: Ebenezer - Baptisms: 1814-1836
  • Methodist - Primitive, Baptisms: 1830-1837
  • Presbyterian: Births and Baptisms: 1773-1837; Burials: 1778-1836

The North Yorkshire County Record Office has the following 'non-conformist' registers for New Malton:

  • Unitarian - Baptisms: 1773-1916; Marriages: 1866-1880 and 1898 - 1912; Burials: 1778-1879 and 1901 - 1911
  • Congregational - Baptisms: 1855 - 1904; Marriages: 1855 - 1879 and 1885 - 1902; Burials: 1856 - 1870 and 1897 - 1903

I have transcribed a small selection of parish register entries

Newspaper Announcements

A list of the birth, marriage and death announcements from area newspapers (including the York Herald and Yorkshire Gazette) is being compiled. Some events were announced in multiple publications so expect some duplication.

Woodhams Stone Collection

Local historians John Stone and Syd Woodhams have been enthusiastically collecting all kinds of memorabilia associated with Malton and Norton. Their joint collections totalling thousands of items. Look out for occasional exhibitions to which part of the collections are brought. Woodhams Stone Collection

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British Newspaper Archive

A project to digitise the newspaper holdings of the British Library is well underway, with the number of scanned images increasing daily. Although the newspapers scanned to date includes a number of Yorkshire newspapers (sadly not the Malton specific ones, yet) it is amazing to note that Malton gets a mention in many provincial newspapers. Not only are there scanned images of the newspapers but the software used captures the text digitally and so is searchable for specific content e.g. Malton brewery. The collection can be searched and images of appropriate pages viewed (fees payable).

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A number of books have been written about, or contain significant references to Malton.

  • 300 years of continuity and change: families and business in Malton from the 18th Century to the present is available from the Malton Estate Office (88 Old Maltongate, 01653 692849) price £5. It is lavishly illustrated with maps, old documents and photographs giving a potted history of the town, its buildings and many of its businesses and their proprietors.
  • Talbot Hotel, Malton - a History is available from the Talbot Hotel (01653 639096) price £5. A fascinating description of how this building evolved and its many uses together with a timeline showing the reader how the town was developing.
  • Malton in the Early Nineteenth Century edited by DJ Salmon, published 1981 by the North Yorkshire County Record Office. This book is based on a statistical survey of Malton conducted during 1841 by William Charles Copperthwaite. Here you can find out what life was like in Malton in the early 1840s. Particular points of interest include who owned what, occupations, weekly wages, how much did basic foodstuffs cost, and a table of annual baptisms, burials and marriages from 1606 to 1840. Also included is an incredible town map dated 1843 with individually numbered plots cross referenced to a schedule of occupiers. In many ways this complements the 1841 census. Altogether an invaluable 138 pages!
  • History of Malton and Norton by NA Huddleston, published 1962 by GA Pindar & Son Ltd., Scarborough. This book is probably the standard reference work with a good spread of information from pre-Roman times through to the mid-20th Century.
  • Malton and Norton Through the Ages by Keith Snowden, ISBN 0-9514657-3-2 published 1990 and 1995 by Castleden Publications, Pickering. A general history right up to the 1990s.
  • The Archaeology of Malton and Norton by JF Robinson B.A. published in 1978 by the Yorkshire Archaeological Society provides plans of the Roman fort found at orchard Field together with a catalogue of the artefacts uncovered during the carious archaeological surveys and their locations. There is also a photograph of a painting of Malton by John Settrington painted in 1728 and a town plan of around 1825.
  • Malton: The Civilian Settlement by N.Mitchelson (subtitled: Excavations in Orchard Field, 1949-1952) provides detailed information about the finds, plans of buildings and background history of the Roman period.
  • The Gas Adventures and Industry at Malton by KOM Golisti, 1985, contains not only the history of lighting the streets of Malton, but also the history of how gas appliances were introduced and sold to the people of Malton. There is a name index, list of trustees from 1838 and employees (incomplete) from around 1850.
  • General historical and geographic coverage of Malton and the surrounding district can be found in the Victoria History of the Counties of England - Yorkshire North Riding Volume 1 published 1914 (SBN 7 129 0309 9) and available in large reference libraries (see page 529 for New Malton and page 537 for Old Malton).
Postcards & Pictures

There have been four books of picture postcards, all compiled by Malton resident John Stone

  • Malton, Norton and Old Malton in Old Picture Postcards - Volume 1 by John T. Stone ISBN 90 288 2475 8 published by European Library 1988
  • Malton, Norton and Old Malton in Old Picture Postcards - Volume 2 by John T. Stone ISBN 90 288 4876 2 published by European Library 1990
  • The Archive Photograph Series - Around Malton, compiled by John T. Stone ISBN 0 7524 0358 3 Published by The Chalford Publishing Company 1996
  • Malton, Then and Now compiled by John Stone ISBN 0 7524 2608 7 Published by Tempus Publishing Limited 2002
Magazine Articles
  • Earl Fitzwilliam and Malton: A Proprietary Borough in the Early Nineteenth Century by E. Anthony Smith in The English Historical Review, Vol 80, No. 314 (Jan., 1965) pp 51-69
  • One For the Road by Greg Christie in Brewery History (the journal of the Brewery History Society) Number 107 Spring 2002. This article gives a history of brewing in Malton.

Local Newspapers

The British Library has the following Malton Newspapers. Viewing at St. Pancras is generally via microfilm. See the British Library website for more details.

  • Malton & Norton Gazette and General Advertiser: June 1855 to December 1857
  • Malton Gazette: December 1857 to December 1884
  • North-Eastern Advertiser, Malton Gazette and Ryedale Chronicle: January 1885 to December 1887.
  • Malton Gazette January 1888 to September 1905.
  • Malton Mail: October 1898 to January 1899 (this newspaper then amalgamated with the Yorkshire Observer).
  • Malton Messenger: July 1855 to September 1939.

Malton Library has the following:

  • Malton Messenger April 1854 to September 1939 mainly on microfilm
  • Malton Gazette from 1819, some on microfilm, some original copies and I'm afraid some unusable due to poor condition. There's about 10 years missing, from 1954.
  • Yorkshire Gazette from 1819 to 1854

The York Herald has coverage of some Malton events. York Reference Library has an almost complete run of this from 1790 through to 1889 and then as the Yorkshire Herald through to 1954. See also the library's newspaper index.

National Newspapers

Palmers Index to The Times lists articles about Malton going back to 1792. Possibly Malton's first bank robbery is described in the edition of 23rd March 1802. Mrs Pickering a Malton resident reached 100 years old and is referred to in the edition of 28th August 1843.

Historical Directories Project

Historical Directories is a digital library of local and trade directories for England and Wales 1750 to 1919. It contains high quality reproductions of comparatively rare books, essential tools for research into local and genealogical history. Historical Directories is produced and owned by the University of Leicester. The web site provides national coverage and also integrates material from different institutions into a coherent, and free, online collection. It is relevant to amateur historians, academics, teachers and the general public. At its most basic level, the project seeks to provide at least one directory, for each major geographical area and for each of the decades: 1850s, 1890s and 1910s.

Other Malton Websites

Malton and Norton Community Website has some impressive history pages from prehistoric times to the present date. Including facts on all the important landmarks, Shops, Inns and Public houses. A wealth of information on the place and the people, with many interesting images taken from photographs and postcards.

Local Studies and Archives

North Yorkshire County Council Local Studies gives information about what you can expect to find in library local studies sections. Malton and Pickering have particularly appropriate collections North Yorkshire County Record Office has details of holdings including a growing searchable online catalogue

Family History Societies

Those covering Malton interests are:

Malton's Listed Buildings

Malton's listed buildings - an inventory of listed buildings in Malton and the surrounding area with photographs

Earth Stone & Lime Company and Associated

This company has been instrumental in studying and renovating a number of Malton's buildings. The website shares many of the reports and much of the information is put in the context of the overall development of the town.

Information in Four Categories


Lots of information about who lived here and where! Families, Malton Butchers Cricket Team, Malton People Database, Memories of Malton, Charles Dickens Connection, Town Bellman, Town Crier, Wives Wanted, Malton in the 1840s, Census including some transcriptions, 1858 List of Voters for St. Michael's, Earl Fitzwilliam Rent Accounts, Newspaper announcements of births, deaths and mariages

The Town

What was the town like in Victorian and Edwardian times? Where is/was that street? House numbering, Malton in the 1840s, Planning & Building Control, Toilets in Chancery Lane, Streets Butcher Corner, Castlegate, Greengate, Market Place, Middlecave, Newbiggin, Old Maltongate, St. Michael Street, Saville Street, The Mount, Wentworth Street, Wheelgate, Yorkersgate, York Road, Peasey Hill, Planning & Building Control, Town Guides Old Pictures and Maps, Walks around the town take in a bit of history! Land Hearth Tax, 1873 Return of Owners of Land, Property, North Riding Register of Deeds, Finance Act 1910


What businesses and industries were here? Trade Directories, Photographers, Undertakers, Apprentices, Banks, Breweries, Local Traders and Advertisements, Bankruptcy, Malton and Norton Cooperative Society, Longsters, Fitch & Co, Thomas Taylor, Public Benefit Boot Co., Shopping Week 1922, The Manure Company, Biscuit Mills, Milling, Iron Foundries, Ralph Yates, Industrial Safety

Topics & Events

What happened here both locally and in response to wider events? Baker's Chronology, New Malton Spa, Emigration, The Telephone Comes to Malton, Cemetery, Horse Procession, Coronation of Queen Victoria, 1937 Coronation Celebrations, St. Michael's School, Racecourse, Emigration, Malton Golf Course, Sebastopol Cannon, Middlecave Windmill, Traffic, Theatre, Queen Victoria's Jubilee, Coronation of Edward Vll, Longster's Spa Garden, Curling, Talbot Hotel Newspapers Historical Background, Malton Messenger, Malton & Norton Gazette, including digital copies of the first few editions from 1855 Worship Three Ecclesiastical Parishes, 1857 locations, St. Michael's, St. Leonard's, Primitive Methodists, Unitarians, Independents, Catholics, Baptists, Wesleyans, Society of Friends, Congregationalists, 1851 Religious Census Police & Fire Police, law & order, prostitution, fire brigade, fires, Fire Brigade Friendly Society Pubs & Beerhouses Brewster Sessions, landlords, Temperance movement, closure dates Secret Orders Freemasonry, Friendly Societies, Oddfellows, Independent Order of Rechabites, Shepherds and Charities The Railway Victorian Heyday, Abolition of the Turnpikes, Accidents, Station Location, Railway Crossing & Bridge, Excursions, Railway Buildings, York & Scarborough line, Malton & Driffield line, Malton and Whitby line Health The sanitary condition of Malton 1854, nuisance removal, local board of health, the Dispensary, the Cottage Hospital, Apothecaries, Doctors and Surgeons, Dentists, Galvanism, 1932 typhoid outbreak, Health & Housing in 1909, Cholera, Smallpox, Smallpox Vaccination, Typhoid, 1918 Influenza epidemic Workhouse Settlement & Removals, managing the workhouse, state of the workhouse 1818, workhouse provisions, scandal at the workhouse, life in the workhouse, one of yours in the workhouse, masters & matrons, advertisements for staff First World War War is declared, the Wider War Effort, Employment issues for local tradesmen, Zeppelin Raids, Local Recruitment Advertising and Meetings, Military Tribunals, Medals and Bravery, Casualties, War Memorial, Armistice is Signed

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